Is YouTube Watch Time Vital for Your YouTube Channel?

Any YouTube video needs a good amount of audience retention which is called YouTube Watch Time. More is the watch time, the better it is for you. YouTube watch time is the aggregate time that viewers spend on your video.

YouTube Watch Time is an important factor in populating your video in the search results. Increased video watch time will increase the changes of your videos being on top of search results.

How Video Watch Time Impacts Your Video Views

If you have a video with `500 views and your video duration is around 3 minutes, you get a view time of 1500 minutes of view time. If you get a video of 10 minutes, you get a view time of 5000 minutes.

Hence, it is advisable that you need to upload videos of longer duration which can increase your watch time. Points to be noted that to enroll yourself in the YouTube Partner Program, you need to have an average view time of 4000 hours in a year.

How Can You Reach the Milestone of 4000 Hours of YouTube Watch Time?

  • - Instead of creating short duration videos try to upload videos with longer duration. However, the videos need to be interesting and engaging. If you upload longer videos but no one is watching, it does not serve the purpose.
  • - Consistently post videos that engage your subscribers. If you make it a habit of posting good videos and longer duration videos that your users really like you do not have to do anything. They will do the job for you. They will make it viral.
  • - Partner with other YouTube partners who are in your niche and tell them to promote your videos and the vice versa. Not only will this help you, but also get you the right viewership.
  • - Another important factor is social signals. You can share your YouTube content on all your social media platforms. Even if a single platform gives you a view time of one hour, it will translate to around 10 hours a day if you use ten social media platforms. If you count, in a month, it will be around 300 hours in a month which is a pretty good amount of views.
  • - Ask for suggestions – to all your subscribers, your friends, your relatives and your peers. Try to implement those changes in your video and you will see the result.
  • - Another important factor is getting more eyeballs through WhatsApp. Keep your videos in your status and offer freebies if they subscribe or view or like or comment. Create a PDF of the service you think is very important for your views and give them away for free.
  • - Search Engine Optimization is one of the key factors in popularizing YouTube Video which will get you the right and organic watch time. Hence, properly plan your videos and optimize your videos while publishing not after that. It will work as a powerful tool .
  • If you are a brand or an individual or a celebrity or a company who are struggling to get right YouTube Watch Time, you can help you get those. Let’s connect and we can guide you how it can be done.